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    Thu, August 11, 2016 4:46 PM

    Native Grasses

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    As you may already be aware, the Native Grasses in Oak Bluff do not require the routine mowing that traditional bluegrass sod does and that the need for water and fertilizer to maintain Native Grasses is virtually non-existent. These features are a huge leap forward in an effort to reduce fresh water use and the amount of nutrients from fertilizers going into our lakes and rivers. It also allows the RM to avoid high ongoing maintenance costs and for Oak Bluff to have a larger amount of open space for public use.

    You may notice that the Canada Goose is not attracted to the tall Native Grasses; they prefer short grass where predators can be easily spotted. While the Geese are a great part of our prairie landscape, their droppings and noise aren’t quite as pleasant when they gather in large numbers. So you’ll notice that in public areas where Native Grasses are prevalent, there won’t be the excessive numbers of Canadian Geese that you might see elsewhere.

    The greatest cost associated with Native Grasses is the patience required to bring the plant to its thriving state. Once the grasses are established, they are hardy and resilient to pressures in the environment. But in its developing stages (3-4 years), Native Grasses are vulnerable and susceptible to being crowded out from weeds and other plants. So it is imperative that Oak Bluff as a community respects the areas where Native Grasses are being planted. As a resident, this means abstaining from mowing the Grasses in their developing stages, as well as not dumping soil, leaves or lawn clippings on the Native Grasses, as this will promote weed growth.

    For more information, visit nativeplantsolutions.ca
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