Architectural Guidelines

Architectural Guidelines

Qualico Communities and the participating builders of Oak Bluff West are in the process of creating a community that people can appreciate, enjoy and be proud of – now and for decades to come. As you build your new home and design your yard in Oak Bluff West, please remember to follow the architectural guidelines laid out in the document below to ensure the community keeps a consistent look and feel.

These guidelines are an important part of community building. They describe the exterior qualities, dimensions and characteristics of homes, landscaping and fencing that will make your neighbourhood feel cohesive rather than just a collection of houses. The guidelines ensure high standards for design and materials are met, which in turn will help to maintain property values.

Builders are encouraged to interpret the guidelines in interesting and innovative ways, providing the resulting home designs remain true to the community’s desired image.

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Phase 1-3AS
Phase 3B & 4

Fence Guideline Details

Phase 1
    Phase 1A
    Phase 1B
Phase 2
    Phase 2
Phase 3
    Phase 3A
    Phase 3AS
    Phase 3B
Phase 4
    Phase 4