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    Mon, October 24, 2016 9:50 PM

    Daycare Expansion

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    Oak Bluff Early Years (OBEY) child care program is planning an expansion. They currently offer 38 pre-school aged and before/after school care spaces and would like to possibly double their capacity. Part of the process is proving demand to the Government of Manitoba in order to obtain a grant. 

    Anyone who would have used, would use or may use child care in Oak Bluff is encouraged to fill out the Child Care Needs Survey and bring it to the staff at OBEY. 

    All parents should also register their child(ren) on the Government of Manitoba's Online Child Care Registry for a spot on OBEY's wait list, even if you are already on OBEY's direct list. This applies to all parents who have children not yet old enough to attend OBEY, who use alternate child care in addition to OBEY, who have limited use of OBEY and need/want more availability, or who want to use OBEY but are unable to obtain spaces. 

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