Trail Marker - Oak Bluff West


Acres of natural beauty

Upon its completion, Oak Bluff West will be home to more than seven acres of wetlands and more than five acres of prairie landscape. From swooping eagles to deer grazing on the horizon, you’ll experience nature at its best while relaxing in your backyard! 

Parks and Trails

Oak Bluff features a two-acre park and playground that is easily accessible from Oak Bluff West. For more fun, a mini-playground is located along Horizon Drive, which includes swings for toddlers and older kids, as well as various play elements geared towards toddlers and kids up to age 12.

A network of limestone trails runs throughout the community giving residents the chance to enjoy a scenic walk or bike ride amidst the open, prairie landscape. The connective pathways provide quick access to the Oak Bluff Community School. As the community continues to grow, so will this network of trails.

Horizon Drive Playground
Oak Bluff West Water Feature

Native Grasses and Wetlands

The community is home to acres of wetlands, native grasses, wildflowers, shrubs and trees. Not only do the natural areas create an attractive neighbourhood, but they help play an important role in building a healthier and more sustainable environment.

Wetlands act as Mother Nature's filter: storing, dissipating, transforming or removing significant amounts of impurities in the water runoff from our streets and fields. At the same time, they become rich reservoirs of natural diversity for plants, mammals, birds and amphibians. They are also home to dragonflies and other species that prey on mosquitoes.


  • No watering or fertilizer required and much less mowing
  • Little-to-no pesticide use
  • They aid in reducing soil erosion due to wind or water
  • Wetlands provide habitat and shelter for birds and animals
  • Vegetation absorbs carbon from the air and helps purify the soil
  • They provide beautiful texture and colour changes with the seasons

Please note: Once established, native grasses are hardy and resilient plants, but grasses in public areas should not be removed or modified in any way.

Sustainable Development

Sustainability is a showcase of Qualico Communities’ high standards of community development. Teaming up with Native Plant Solutions, a branch of Ducks Unlimited Canada, Qualico Communities has raised the bar for environmentally responsible developments. 

Implementing landscaping practices that integrate native grasses, wetlands and limestone trails results in a community that highlights the beautiful seasonal cycles of nature while creating stunning landscapes for residents to enjoy.