Public art

Aug 15, 2022

Public art in a community can create a lasting impact to both its visitors and residents. In Oak Bluff West, public art is used to enrich streetscapes and has many benefits.

Creates new experiences


Public art is a powerful tool that can make a space exciting by creating new experiences. This includes placing art in unexpected places or using it as a multi-functional space where residents can interact with their environment. Similarly, situating public art near local businesses can help attract attention and in turn, help the economy.

Boosts your mood


Public art can help boost your mood and inspire creativity. It can also become a place to de-stress or strengthen productivity. Areas with public art serve as great locations to host activities which can help to alleviate loneliness by instilling a sense of community.

Cultivates an identity


Additionally, public art can enhance a community by serving as distinctive landmarks to cultivate an identity. It’s a way for artists to share stories, history or to raise awareness which allows onlookers to reflect on their meaning and humanizes an area.

The art in Oak Bluff West encompasses a variety of these benefits.

Entry feature


Oak Bluff West’s grand entrance into the community is a large wall with a stone finish that showcases a mounted stainless steel plate with the Oak Bluff West logo. This entrance feature wraps around Horizon Drive and Provincial Trunk Highway 3 to create a magnificent landmark.

Trail markers


Trail markers are found throughout Oak Bluff West’s trails. Similar to the entrance feature, the trail marker designs mimic their natural surroundings. They are displayed as either a limestone pillar with the Oak Bluff West name cut from a stainless steel plaque or with the logo cut from a large stainless steel plate that wraps around limestone boulders.

The next time you’re in Oak Bluff West, be sure to take a moment to appreciate your surroundings whether it’s by taking a deep breath of fresh air, listening to the songbirds along our trails and naturalized wetlands or admiring a piece of art in the community.