Oak Bluff West: Phase 5 FAQ

Mar 29, 2021
Thank you to everyone who took the time to watch our virtual presentation on Phase 5 in Oak Bluff West and complete our exit survey. If you have not yet watched, please click here. We have compiled a list of some of the most frequent questions we have received in regards to Phase 5 and the overall community. If you have additional questions that were not addressed on the list below, please contact info@oakluffwest.ca.

Phase 5

• When will lots be available?
Servicing is planned for late summer or early fall. Lot release is market dependent but could be as soon as late this year or early 2022.

• Where will the single family lots be located?
All blocks within Phase 5 will consist of single-family lots, with the exception of one block on Shoreline Drive which is labeled as “Future Multi-Family” on the overall map.

• What is the price range for lots?
Pricing for the single family lots will be determined as we get closer to the time of release. The prices will vary depending on lot width and lot type, with the larger lots backing the Public Reserve and Wetlands being the more expensive option within Phase 5.

• How many lots will there be?
There will be 41 single family lots.

• How many bungalow condos will there be?
There will be one bungalow condominium block. The number of units within the future condominium project is still to be determined but could range from 7 to 10 units.

• Will there be walkout lots?
No. The grading design for all of Oak Bluff West is for level lots only and is not suitable for walkout lower level homes.

• What is the timeframe for the bungalow condos?
Once the Phase 5 application has been approved by the Province and the RM of Macdonald we can begin planning the bungalow condominium block. A reasonable timeline would be 1 to 2 years for the construction and sale of these future units. We will keep the community informed of the progress on this block.

• Which builders will be available for this phase?
The Oak Bluff West builder group is subject to change, however current plans for Phase 5 include the 6 Show Home builders listed on our website here: https://oakbluffwest.qualicocommunities.com/Homes/builders-show-homes 

Parks & Green Space

• What are the plans for another playground?
In many communities such as RidgeWood West and Sage Creek, playgrounds are spearheaded for the neighbourhood by members of the community who form a Residents’ Association. It is an excellent way to ensure what is being developed in the community serves those living there best. We have more information on that on page 8 in the presentation.

• Why is the pocket park located on Horizon Drive?
This location is centrally located in the community and will be accessible to existing and futures areas of the neighbourhood. It connects to the trail system and is easily located for kids and families to find and enjoy.

• Is the future green space near the school moving to the space next to Horizon Drive?
The proposed public reserve at the school site is not being relocated to the pocket park off of Horizon Drive. This park will be an additional green space for the community to enjoy.

• Will there be park benches put in near the wetlands?
Amenities within the public spaces of the neighbourhood are provided through coordination and direction from the municipality.


• When will lots in Phase 4 be available?
Aiming to start underground servicing in late spring with road completion by June or July. Lots could be available for sale as early as this summer but will be market dependent.

• Are there plans to pave the limestone trails?
There are no plans to convert any of the limestone trails to paved sidewalks as there are many advantages to limestone trails. You can read more about that here: https://www.qualicocommunitieswinnipeg.com/our-commitment/limestone-trails 

• Why are there so many reeds and plants in the wetlands?
Without the corrective balance of native grasses and plants surrounding our retention ponds, excessive nutrients contained in water run-off can build up, allowing bad algal blooms and toxins that will damage the ecosystem. You can learn more about how Qualico Communities develops their wetlands here: https://www.qualicocommunitieswinnipeg.com/our-commitment/wetlands 

• Are there any plans for a community business centre in Oak Bluff West?
The plans for Oak Bluff West and the newly adopted secondary plan for Oak Bluff do not include plans for commercial development within Oak bluff West. Commercial development will remain in the existing commercial area along highway 3.

• Are there plans for any additional traffic lights or speed bumps in the community?
There are currently no plans for any traffic lights or speed bumps in the community. A traffic study was completed by WSP Engineering Consultants in 2019 and the recommendations and implementations based on that study can be found on page 9 in the presentation.

• Who do we contact for questions/complaints regarding maintenance in the community?
Oak Bluff West has been developed in phases and once a phase is completed, meaning the houses are built and homeowners have moved in, the RM takes over responsibility for general upkeep and maintenance. While a phase is under development, many of the responsibilities for maintenance and clean-up fall to the developer, being Qualico Communities. If you’re unsure about a particular area of the community you can contact Qualico Communities at info@oakbluffwest.ca and we can help to resolve the issue.