Make your home look like a show home

Jan 06, 2020

Make your home look like a show home
Have you ever come home after touring a show home and felt like your home is drab in comparison? Now we can’t all have perfectly staged homes but you can still achieve an upscale look while comfortably living in it.

Here are some tips to transform your home to look like a show home:
Make your home look like a show home - Declutter


The first steps are to clean, organize and get rid of any clutter in your home. Show homes look fantastic because they’re in prime condition when it comes to cleanliness. Put away any unused items such as toys, books and throws. Remember to clean hidden areas such as windowsills, baseboards and on top of shelves to get rid of dust.
Make your home look like a show home-Plan


Once everything is clean, take a look around to see what you have to work with. Set a budget and figure out what your priorities are. Some projects can be labour intensive while other upgrades can easily be done yourself.
Make your home look like a show home-Paint


An easy way to revamp a tired looking room is by painting it. Choose a colour by thinking about what you want the room to evoke in you and your guests. You may want your bedroom to have a soothing effect while the dining room emits a sense of excitement. Don’t be afraid to incorporate accent walls or get creative with your paint choices.

Light colours are often used to provide a sense of spaciousness while deep rich colours generally create a sense of coziness. Muted neutrals are used in classic looks.

Splashing on a fresh coat of paint to kitchen cabinets and adding new hardware is also an easy and inexpensive way to revitalize the kitchen.
Make your home look like a show home-Furniture


Once your rooms have a theme, take a look at the furniture to see if they complement the area and fit the scale of the space that they are in. If the living room allows, push furniture away from the walls to create a spacious conversational area.

Balance the look of a room by mixing visually solid furniture with lighter airy pieces. Remember that the placement of your furniture should not inhibit traffic flow throughout your home.
Make your home look like a show home-Accessories


Use accessories to add colour and texture to a space. This can be done through plants, throw pillows, and curtains to bring the room together. Be careful to not over-accessorize as a room can easily become cluttered. Hang mirrors to bounce light into a dark area and rugs to help define a space without walls.
Make your home look like a show home-Lighting


A simple way to enhance a room’s atmosphere is by layering the lighting of a room. There are three main types of lighting: ambient, task and accent that can be used to emphasize the key aspects of an area. However, you can still achieve a classy look through floor and table lamps, as well as wall sconces to brighten up dark nooks.

By bringing these design elements into your home, you’ll have a stunning space in no time. If you’re not quite sure of your final outcome, take photos to view the room from a different perspective. This may help you see where improvements are needed. However at the end of the day, the most important tip is to create a home that complements your lifestyle and is a place that you and your family love living in.