This Year at Fort Whyte Alive

Mar 29, 2018

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Fort Whyte Alive has been educating Manitobans about wetlands and local wildlife for over 33 years. This location, however, has been an important part of Manitoba’s history, with the original railway standoff between the province and The Canadian Pacific Railway, through the turn of the century when it became a mining location for clay and gravel.

Every year, thousands of Manitobans, and people from other provinces, flock to Fort Whyte Alive (much like the birds). The interpretive centre, which opened in 1983, features numerous opportunities for youth and adults to interact with their surroundings and learn about Manitoba’s natural wildlife habitats.

For residents living in Oak Bluff West, Fort Whyte Alive is a nearby attraction for families or couples to get out and have some fun exploring nature. We’ve compiled a list of exciting activities you can plan for, with further information available on the Fort Whyte Alive website.


Voyageur Canoe Experience

This 1-hour program is a fun and educational getaway for families. Groups of eight or more people paddle a North West Company-style canoe around Lake Muir learning about the day-to-day experience of voyageurs. This is especially fun if you like fire-roasted bannock. Don’t worry if your family is less than eight people, you can join in with other groups, too!


Bison Safari

Guests board Fort Whye Alive’s tour bus and head out over the surrounding prairie landscape to get up-close with iconic Manitoba Bison. Great for photo ops with these rare animals are abound as you learn about the history of the animals and how they helped shape our province.


Farm and Bee Tour

Have you ever wondered what the life of an apiarist (beekeeper) is like? You and your family can put on your beekeeper suits and head out into the field to interact with live bees in their active hives. Learn about the inner workings of the hive, how bees turn pollen into honey, and then sample some warm honey straight from the comb.


Edible Wilds

Winnipeg’s parks are chalk full of edible plant life. Many people consider these pesky weeds, but in truth, if you know where to look, you can harvest plenty of healthy plants to add to your kitchen. You’ll learn how to safely spot wild edibles such as licorice root, rose hips, and many more. You even get to make your own wild ‘bush tea’ from your own harvest.