Sterling Homes' Show Home in OBW

Feb 27, 2018


Oak Bluff West is a new custom home community less than a minute past the Winnipeg perimeter. Its carefully managed landscaping, larger lots, and beautiful custom homes all come together to create a beautiful picturesque community.

The Sterling Homes show home in Oak Bluff West is a gorgeous 1,882 sq ft bungalow located on a 72-foot by 140-foot lot. The extra space allows for a larger front and back yard, attractive landscaping, and, in this case, a double garage.

Don McDonald, a veteran of the real estate industry, shows the home with great enthusiasm.


“This beautiful home is one of our standard layouts but contains lots of extras. What we do is build a home, then we make a list of everything we’ve included in it. This way you can see if some of the options are ones you’d like to have in your future home, or if not, you can learn about what other options are available.”

Known as the Delano B, the show home makes use of one of Sterling Homes’ standard, but highly customizable layouts. The home is currently having its basement finished, but homebuyers have the choice of whether or not to finish theirs.

“One of my favourite elements of the home are the ceilings. This home has 9-foot ceilings in both the basement and on the main floor. Even ten years ago, 9-foot basement ceilings were almost unheard of, but they come standard here.”


“When you have a 9-foot ceiling, you also need to move your cupboards up. Having a 2-foot gap between the counter and cupboard, like most homes, just doesn’t work with higher ceilings, so we move the cupboards up high to achieve a look that matches the height.”

Some of Don’s other favourite elements are the roofed back deck (which can be screened-in to avoid insects in the summer), the finished landscaping, and the open space inside the home.

“When you walk in the front door, you see all this open space. Though not an uncommon feature, today, open-concept homes are fantastic for a number of reasons.”

“I’d say my personal favourite part of this show home is the kitchen. It has a 9-foot island, with seating for anyone who wants to pull up a chair. You can talk to all the guests in the family room, or at the dinette. The kitchen is always where people gather when they visit, and in this home, you’re in the centre of it all. I also really love the backsplash.”


According to Don, there are a number of reasons people move to Oak Bluff West. The size of the lots is a major attractor, in addition to the general aesthetic.


“Beyond the lot sizes and the landscaping, there are a lot of young people out here. Most of them are coming out here because of they can have extra space for their family and their toys. Everybody takes pride of ownership. The lawns are cut, the flowers are nice, the shrubs are in the right place. It’s a great place to live. It’s also only a short drive to Kenaston Common, or Costco, or any of the other amenities you’d expect in city living.”

“There’s a great school from K-8. You have your own water and sewer system here. Your own ambulance system here. I would guess this is going to be one of the larger thriving areas in Manitoba in a couple of years. There is just so much growth right now. It’s truly a community in Oak Bluff West.”

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