Children and Their Safety Around Construction Sites

May 26, 2017

Children are often keen to explore new areas and may display a natural sense of curiosity for anything new that’s going on. In the case of building work and construction, there may be temptation to go and see what’s happening, but construction sites can pose serious dangers for children. 

Houses Under Construction

Understand the Dangers

Children should understand the dangers associated with construction sites.  Although they may look like interesting places, where exciting digging or building is going on, they can be a dangerous spot for children. Hazards may include holes and uneven ground where children could fall, moving equipment that may not see a child in the area, unsafe structures and equipment left behind by builders at the end of the day. 

Whether it’s a field that is in the process of being developed into retail shops, or new houses that are beginning to be built, children should be offered the important message that these are not playgrounds but dangerous working areas. As a parent, you can set a good example by avoiding going near the construction sites yourself or, if you really want to take a photo of the changing landscape, stand at a safe distance.

It’s important to keep away from construction sites both during the day when work is in action, and at night after workers have left.

Pedestrian Safety Tips for Construction Areas

- Stay aware and alert of your surroundings when walking near construction areas.

- Small children must be accompanied by an adult or competent person when walking through or near any construction activities.  

- Advise older children of the hazards in construction zones and advise them to stay away from operating equipment and never walk or stand behind construction equipment.